I Provide the Typical Services of a Company
General Counsel – in Other Words, Serving as the 
Main Lawyer for Your Business

These Services Include:

Establishing new companies -- whether they be limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships -- and providing or arranging for all legal services necessary to keeping your company in good standing and serving your business needs -- including the legal advice you need for structuring and restructuring your company to adapt to the changing world, and the efficient preparation and negotiation of the documents for carrying out your business strategies.

Preparation and negotiation of commercial sales and purchasing contracts and many other documents needed to operate your business day-to-day.

Antitrust advice and training for employees subject to antitrust risks.

Practical advice for handling claims and litigation.

Legal advice and support for joint ventures, joint development and business acquisition and divestiture projects.

Licensing of patents and trademarks.

Counseling regarding employee matters.

Legal support on many other issues that may arise in your business's activities in day-to-day business operations.

General Counsel Services