Estate Planning 

 Administration of 
Estates and Trusts

The Changing World Of Estate Planning --

Several years ago, avoiding estate and inheritance taxes was a major focus of estate planners in working with their clients.  The results were often quite cumbersome and hard to understand documents, complications later for heirs and, unfortunately, significant expenses for clients.

Fortunately, for a great many people, those days have gone.

Now I am able to streamline estate planning and help clients tailor their wills, trusts and beneficiary designations for banking and investment accounts, retirement accounts and life insurance in more effective ways to achieve their goals -- at a more moderate cost.  And you will have my personal attention -- you will not be pushed off to less experienced staff people.

Estate planning for me is an opportunity to help you by exploring with you your objectives, proposing options for how you can best achieve those objectives and then patiently explaining to you how it will all work to your best advantage.

And when it comes to discussing cost, don't be surprised to hear me ask "How much do you feel comfortable paying?'  The reason is that my most important goal is your complete satisfaction with all the services that you receive.

Estate and Trust Administration in North Carolina --

Along with the beneficial tax changes for estate planning in North Carolina come corresponding efficiencies for the management of estates.  Much can often be done outside of formal probate proceedings --- particularly if there was excellent prior estate planning.  

In any event, with care and attention, estate administrations can often be efficient and promptly completed with close attention paid to cost.  In that regard, you will have my personal involvement, and my billing is flexible to adapt to the tasks to be completed and strategies and timing for their completion.   

As trusts today have become a preferred way of carrying out estate planning because of their confidentiality, convenience and cost-savings, I can provide valuable counsel to trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary duties.